Joseph Trombatore, All Rights Reserved
After recently being asked to help out in the filming of a teaser for Savage Light Studios called Project "Z"  (2:41-2:45, my 16 year old daughter said, "you died epically Dad.). I enjoyed it so much I began to search out any possible work I can get in the film industry.

First was an extra in the HBO series "Treme" and a "Jazz Fest" visitor, and during that endeavor I was chosen with 9 others to return two days later for a live feature spot with Actor's Lucia Micarelli, Stephen Zahn. 

I have also been a "visitor" at the Police station on TNT's Memphis Beat (episode  8, second season).

I am eagerly searching for more.  I have Military and EMS background and believe I can play a detective type well...  I'd love to play a role as "Detective Derrick Spencer" in a series.  I believe I could pull it off!

As my cousin told me, "you have been acting all your life; might as well get paid for it!"

Joe Trombatore
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